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This website will no longer be available as of May 31, 2024.

If you have any questions about changes or restrictions to landscaping or architectural changes please reach out to Art Hastings or Roy Carr. 



S2. (a) An Owner desiring to erect an improvement on any lot shall deliver two sets of construction plans, detailed landscaping plans, and plot pans to Declarant (herein collectively referred to as the “plans”). Such plans shall include a description type, quality, color and use of materials proposed…(b)…If Declarant determines that the external design and location of the Improvement does not conform with the… surrounding improvements and topography or will not protect and enhance the integrity and character of all the lots and neighboring lots, if any, as a quality residual community, Declarant may refuse approval of the proposed improvement.(c) Written notice of any approval of a proposed improvement shall be mailed to the owner at the address specified by the owner upon submission of the plan.

-Article I, Section 2 of CRHOA Covenants

“Any change in the color or materials used in the repair, replacement or maintenance to any building with a party wall shall be made in a unified fashion among the structures sharing the party wall. By way of example, and not limitation, buildings connected by party walls shall have paint colors, street-fronting materials, and wood trim which are the same between the two or more units sharing a party wall.”

-Article V, Section 6 of CRHOA Covenants