Aeration & Seeding

Aeration & Overseeding (Optional)

Please expect the following with the Aeration and Overseeding service offered:
  • This is an optional service that would be at the resident’s expense. 
  • This service will be done in the Fall.
  • The Aeration will be done with a stand on aerator, this machine produces core plugs that are between 2″-4″ in length allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to better get to the root structure of the turf. It also allows the seed a safe place to lay while it germinates.
  • The Overseeding will be broadcast spread onto the turf, in areas that are completely bare we will apply by hand a dense lay of seed. The seed will be a mix between fescue and bluegrass seed.
The following are Robert’s prices for this service specifically for Copper Ridge to help you in making a decision. (Roberts will leave an invoice in your door for these services)
  • Aeration – $45.00/yard
  • Seeding – $60.00 (this price is approximate – it is determined by yard size)
  • CalSul/Gypsum – $35.00 (this is recommended if you have seeding done)
The following list is what to expect when the Aeration/Overseed process happens:
  • Loud noise while we are in progress on your jobsite.
  • Work truck and crew on site.
  • On time, efficient use of equipment on your property by Robert’s Nursery team members.