Irrigation Shut-Down


Aeration Services

Please click on the button above to fill out the following form to select the services you need or to opt out. 


Aeration services will be on September 24/25 weather permitting. 


This year the Sprinkler Winterization service will be October 16/17.

This form will be available each FALL once this service has been scheduled. 


The prices of the aeration services will be:
  • Aeration: $45
  • Seeding: appx. $60 (depending on lawn size)
  • Calsul/Gypsum: $35 (recommended when seeding)
  • When the sprinkler company shuts down the sprinkler systems, they start on the east side of the neighborhood and head west and finish down Hartman. 
  • If you won’t be there either day you will need to schedule another time (this may be at your own expense) to have your system shut down or turn your system off inside your home before they arrive. If you do this, please initial on the form below that you understand that the sprinkler company is not responsible for damages. 
  • If you do shut down your water on your own, please check your front door for a note after they have been through the neighborhood in case there was any question or problem. If there is no note then there was no problem. 
  • Any repairs will be done at a later time that will be scheduled with you.