Meeting Minutes – July 2017

Jul 8, 2017 | Board Meeting Minutes

Copper Ridge HOA
Board Meeting at Panera Bread (Eagle Run)
July 7, 2017 at 7:00 a.m.


Attendance: Fred Gottschalk, Terry Kocsis, Jeanne Brown, Suzi King
Absent: Ed Ganey, Jackie Smith
Guests: (resident) Jerry Roslawski

Water at entrance will be turned on today, July 7, 2017. 

SID will take over the account and pay for the water. 

Andy – we will have Andy with the irrigation company come and adjust the sprinklers as necessary. 

We need 25 mph signs throughout the neighborhood at Laurel Ave, Hartman Ave and 159th Street.

We discussed the fact that there are people living in the trailer and it is not zoned for living purposes.

We discussed the fertilizer and grub control.

The job description for the business manager was further discussed as well.

We discussed that some residents are concerned about the fact that their checks are not clearing their accounts very quickly, but due to processing, we need to allow 7-14 business days for the business manager to collect the checks, process them, and deposit them.

We discussed an annual garage sale. We will discuss this further at the annual meeting.

The next board meeting will take place at Panera Bread on the Friday, August 4th at 7am.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzi King
Business Manager
Copper Ridge HOA