Meeting Minutes – January 2015

Oct 5, 2015 | Board Meeting Minutes

1.25.15 – In attendance: Ed Ganey, Bob Jurek, Tim Schmad, and Jacqueline Smith

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 Bob Jurek.

Approval of Minutes, December 4, 2014. Ed Ganey made a motion to approve the minutes. Jacqueline seconded. Minutes approved.

First Order of Business. Bob Jurek made a motion to regretfully accept the resignation of Gary Krause due to personal reasons. Ganey seconded. Resignation approved.

Tim Schmad made a motion to elect Jurek as President of the CR HOA. Smith seconded. Motion carried.

Jurek asked for a motion to retain Mark LaPuzza as our CR HOA attorney for now. Ganey made a motion to approve; Schmad seconded. Motion carried.

It was determined that the board should seek legal advice as to the vacated board seat.


Financial Matters

Audit. After consultation with a CPA firm, it was determined that at this time no audit is necessary. Considerable discussion followed. It was mentioned that when residents moved into Copper Ridge, they agreed to pay $125 per month for services. Those services were properly provided by Joel Chudy. It was determined that unless the board discovers outstanding debts, we should go forward as is. Ganey made a motion to go forward as is; Smith seconded. Motion carried.


Snow Removal

After reviewing the Joel Chudy agreement with Clear Cut, it was determined to terminate their services in December 2014. On an interim basis, Always Greener (Jeff Hamilton) will be responsible for snow removal of 2” or more. Jurek will ask Mark LaPuzza to send a letter to Clear Cut to formalize the termination. Note: This will not preclude Clear Cut from bidding on our business in the future when bids are sent out.


Covenants and By-Laws

LaPuzza will also be asked to provide the board with current covenants and by- laws.


Entrance and Lights

Cornerstone Electric (John Chaffe) will be contacted to fix any broken lights and to adjust the timing of them going on and off.



The board voted to enter into an agreement with State Farm Insurance for General Liability Insurance for the CR HOA. The premium is $990 a year.

There was also discussion about property insurance for the entrance landscaping, the lights, and the bird sculpture. Due to some carryover issues from Joel Chudy, the board will ask Mike Lapuzza for legal advice.


Billing Procedures, Administrative Assistance

The board agreed to temporarily retain Your Admin BFF (Suzi King) to handle monthly billing procedures and miscellaneous needs. King will be working off the spread sheet that was given to the CR HOA by Chudy. Residents can expect an invoice (for current and delinquent dues) within the next 10 days. If the resident does not think the information on your invoice is correct, please notify the HOA.

The board also heard a presentation from a company that specializes in home owners associations, but it felt that the most prudent action at this embryonic stage of organizing the association was to retain Your Admin BFF.


New Business

The board is interested in compiling a neighborhood association directory. Ganey will explore this further, and a survey might possibly be sent out to all residents for their input and information.


Next Meeting

The next meeting will of the CR HOA will be held the week of February 23-27. Any inquiries regarding these minutes should be sent to the board prior to February 21.

At the February meeting, the date and time of a General Meeting of the CR HOA will be determined and then distributed. One of the purposes of the General Meeting is to discuss various committees that might be formed and what residents might volunteer to serve on these committees.



The meeting was adjourned at 3:57 p.m.