Annual Resident Meeting Minutes 2016

Nov 18, 2016 | Board Meeting Minutes

Copper Ridge HOA
Annual Meeting
CR HOA Minutes
November 15, 2016

Location: Saddlebrook Elementary School

6:30 PM Old Business

Minutes of Annual Meeting November 17, 2016 upon approval of Residents was accepted as published in WEB with Fred Gottschalk repeating Vote take on Motion Passed “for dues paid monthly must be received no later than 10th day of each month; dues paid quarterly must be paid by the 10th day of the first month of the quarter (January, April, July and October) or resident will be assessed a $10 late fee for each month delinquent.   Future discussion to consider discount for those who may choose to pay annually.”  Board decided to offer a 5% discount for those who pay annually.  About 17 residents paid annually in 2016.  Many residents now pay monthly rather than quarterly and we recommend people to convert from paying quarterly to monthly or annually.

Motion passed to approve Financial Report given by Ed Ganey, Treasurer, and a Summary of Income and Expenditures actual January through October and estimated November and December with a current cash balance as of November 3, 2016 of $75,759.00 including two months of Reserve for expense of $20,710 and remaining balance Reserved for Contingencies.  Residents indicated they would like to see quarterly income and expenses posted on the WEB.  Residents were informed they had the right to examine the financial records of the HOA once a month with notice given to the Business Manager.  It has been the policy to provide in Income and Expenses Summaries to any Resident upon their request.

  1. Upon approval of the Residents a change in the published agenda was made. Update on New Construction-Multi Housing on North Side with David Self developer and owner talking and taking numerous questions.  Project is now called Copper Ridge Condominiums and can be found under will consist of four buildings on the upper lot with 15 condos in each building amounting to 60 condos on the upper lot and two buildings having 30 condos on the lower lot.  Three floors per building Condos will cost $189,000 to $230,000 with nine different floor plans all ranch style.  Garages will be provided and a gazebo area is planned to be located near the lower area of the upper lot.  Residents stated that the area should be renamed differently than Copper Ridge to avoid confusion with the fact the Multi Housing is a separate HOA than Copper Ridge 114 homes.  David Self said he would consider a change in Name.
  2. Terry Kocsis reported on the Request for Bids on landscaping and Snow Removal and we have about six or seven organizations who appear to be submitting bids by December 1 and the Board will interview all organizations who bid and a decision is to be made in mid January 2017. Resident suggested we do not want to pay more than we already pay.
  3. Fred Gottschalk reported on main Entrance and removal of Eagle by its owner John Chudy. The painting of the pole lights and control of weeds and plants.
  4. Fred Gottschalk reported on proceedings of the SID 427 where he has been appointed Clerk of a five member Board. Mill Levy will remain same as in 2015 however Board is submitting for a bid for garbage collection and recycle to be paid by the SID starting on January 1, 2017.  Once an organization has been selected each resident will have to contact their present collector to have them remove their containers if they are not selected by Bid process.
  5. Kathy Kocsis along with Amy Worth of the Welcoming Committee asked for volunteers for one of the blocks.
  6. Fred Gottschalk asked people who had recently moved to Copper Ridge to identify themselves and tell us a bit about themselves and where they moved from. We had about four couples identify themselves.
  7. Suzi King, Business manager explained about our WEB site and how to create a username and password    Residents want more information added to the WEBsite.
  8. Timeline of Board Seats for elections: no elections in 2016; Ed Ganey, Terry Kocsis and Jackie Smith in 2017; Fred Gottschalk in 2018; and Jeanne Brown in 2018 all elections for three year terms and still a limit of two three year terms.
  9. Please update Residents contact information.
  10. FAQs’ Covenants were passed out.
  11. Board members’ e-mails and cell numbers are on the website

Respectfully submitted,
Jeanne Brown, Secretary