Sprinkler Shutoffs

How to shut water to sprinkler system down in your home.

  • First find a pail to collect water which will drain from water pipes;
  • Second in your basement probably near the furnace are two water pipes
    • the pipe which is wider has two (not one) levers – this is the one that shuts off water to the outside;
  • Turn that lever which is vertical with the pipe, to a horizontal position which turns off the water;
  • Finally, where the second lever is positioned on a short device to drain the pipe, turn lever from vertical to horizontal, but be sure a pail is attached to collect water draining out and let the pail remain there until you are sure all of the water is drained out.

Please ask an experienced neighbor for help if you are confused about this process and only shut off the water just before your sprinklers are winterized. Also our sprinkler service person will be happy to help you when they arrive.