Meeting Minutes – November 2016

Nov 4, 2016 | Board Meeting Minutes

Copper Ridge HOA
Board Meeting
CR HOA Minutes
November 3, 2016

In attendance:  Terry Kocis, Jackie Smith, Jeanne Brown, Fred Gottschalk and guest Michael Engler.  Ed Ganey was excused.

Discussion about interaction between David Self and Fred Gottschalk by email has produced alot of cooperation by David Self owner of the Multi Housing project.  Still too many workmen ar using the entrance and exit on Laurel instead of the new one on Kansas.

We have received bids from the following Lawn Service and Snow removal organizations:  Professional, Elite Turf, and Ecel Grounds.  We have not received bids from Heros, Diamond, Sunco and A Clean Cut (no response from Hartland and we need to send a proposal to Sledge).

Terry Kosis agreed to provide a Agenda for Annual Meeting scheduled for Tuesday November 15th at Saddlebrook Elementary School at 6:30 PM in the cafeteria.

There will be no election of officers at the 2016 meeting but Terry Kocsis and Jackie Smith positions will be open for election in 2017, Fred Gottschalk in 2018 and Jeanne Brown in 2019.

We decided not to expand the Board at the 2016 meeting but may have a vote to expand the Board in 2017.

Submitted by Fred Gottschalk, President Cooper Ridge HOA