Meeting Minutes – May 2016

May 25, 2016 | Board Meeting Minutes

Copper Ridge HOA
Board Meeting
May 5, 2016

Minutes of meeting for Copper Ridge HOA held on May 4, 2016 at Home of Frederic Gottschalk at 3:00pm.

Members Present: Ed Ganey, Jeanne Brown, Terry Kocsis, Frederic Gottschalk and Business Manager Suzi King.

Removal of Eagle: Joel Chudy former Developer of Copper Ridge demanded to know were we going to repair damage to Eagle at the Entrance and raise the insurance on the Eagle from $50,000 to $75,000 or did we want to have the Eagle Removed and returned to the owner John Chudy.  We wanted a Board Meeting to discuss this problem but Joel insisted we come to an immediate decision.  After polling individual Board Members all Members said for Joel to return the Eagle to it owner.  Main problem is we do not own the Eagle and the entrance area is unprotected from vandals and damages could happen.  After a review of our insurance it appears there would be a $1,000 deductable for damages.  Ed Ganey could not contact Joel by telephone so he texted our answer to remove the Eagle to Joel.  Hearing nothing from Joe, Ed Ganey will send a lettter to Joel.

By vote of the Members dealing with Delinquent HOA Dues said Procedures were voted upon at the Annual Meeting held this November 2015 and said Procedures will be mailed to all Residents.  In addition information related to the Multiple Housing Condo Site will be also included. Web site information and password will be in the letter

Contractors will remove signs after work is completed.  Real Estate signs for sale and sold will be removed after the sale is actually completed.

Income statements actual for 2015 and estimated and actual for 2016 we be completed.

Respectfully submitted,  Frederic A. Gottschalk President