Meeting Minutes – May 2015

Oct 5, 2015 | Board Meeting Minutes

5.27.15 – In Attendance: Ed Ganey, Terry Kocsis, Tim Schmad, and Jackie smith
Financial Report. Ed Ganey reviewed the current financials. He has gone over them with Suzi King, and
everything seems to be in order.

Review of Input from March 30 Meeting. The board reviewed input that was received from those residents who attended the March 30, 2015, informational meeting. It was determined that we would ask Fred Gottschalk if he would agree to be appointed to the board. Gottschalk has past home owners association experience. (Subsequent to the meeting, Ganey reported that Gottschalk had accepted the appointment.)

Numerous people volunteered to serve on committees. The board determined to establish two committees: Directory Committee and Welcoming Committee. Ganey and Terry Kocsis will contact those who have volunteered. It was also determined to explore the possibility of Block Captains.

There was discussion at the March meeting regarding who is responsible for ensuring that the CR covenants are adhered to. (Subsequent to the meeting, Tim Schmad contacted CR HOA attorney Mark LaPuzza. He informed Schmad that Joel Chudy remains the Declarant until he is finished building houses in the neighborhood.) The CR HOA can assist with processing any resident requests.


Board Terms:

The board terms will be as follows: Ganey and Kocsis two years; Schmad, Jackie Smith, and Gottschalk one year.
Input from Residents. Smith has developed a form for residents to use should they have concerns, observations, complaints, etc. This from will be included in a June mailing to all residents.



The board has received input from residents regarding the entrance. The board has followed up by fixing the electrical problem associated with one of the light poles. In addition, Ganey contacted an SID representative (FYI: CR is in SID 427) regarding some small potholes at the entrance. The SID will monitor this situation.



Kocsis volunteered to begin development of our own CR web site. More to follow.
King asked if she could purchase FreshBooks to assist her in organizing our financials. Ganey will follow
up with King.


Future Meetings:

The board will meet on August 4, 2015, at 3:30 p.m. The Annual Meeting of the CR HOA will be scheduled for the first or second Monday in November, 2015. Residents will be properly notified in advance of this meetings, time and location.