Meeting Minutes – February 2017

Feb 4, 2017 | Board Meeting Minutes

Copper Ridge HOA
Board Meeting
February 4, 2017

Ed Ganey, Terry Kocsis, Frederic Gottschalk attended the February 4, 2017 at 10:30 AM at 5809 N 157th Avenue while Jeanne Brown and Jacqueline Smith did not attend.

Board Members discussed the Snow Removal and Lawn Care Service Agreement prepared by Mark Lapuzza, our attorney and a motion was made and approved to have Frederic Gottschalk sign such Contract with KloosKutters with Ben Kloos with a maturity in a three years period with charges fixed at $10,000 per month beginning with a payment in arrears on April 1, 2017.

Discussions about the damage to four post boxes and Ed Ganey’, telephone conversation with Tim Schmad whose car damaged said four mail boxes.  Tim Schmad has contacted his insurance company who is Cincinnati Insurance and his agent is Glen Robbins.  Ed Ganey will be contacting Glen Robbins and Fred Gottschalk will be contacting our insurnce agent Tom Rivera of State Farm about whether the mailboxes and its base holding four mail Boxes are the HOA property or if the Residents actually own these Boxes.  Our attorney has assured us that the HOA has the right to demand that the design of the replacement of these boxes resides with the Board of Directors.

Respectfully submitted,
Frederic A. Gottschalk, President
Copper Ridge HOA