Meeting Minutes – April 2016

May 4, 2016 | Board Meeting Minutes

Copper Ridge HOA
Board Meeting
April 6, 2016

Following members of the Board were in attendance:  Ed Ganey, Terry Kocsis, Jeane Brown and Frederic Gottschalk.

We discussed the Sale of the Apartment lot from Developer Joel Chudy to TBD Development of Orem, Utah about December 28, 2015.  Payments of specials and real estate takes will be required by the institution pro viding financing.  We currently have no information available about the apartments to be built but are attempting to find out more from the Company’s local representative David Self.

Two out four lots in Stone Creek  builder Dave Paik owns have been staked out for new homes and one lot at the end of 160 Avenue where it turns east to Concordia School was staked out by Joes Chudy.  Only four lots in Stone Creek remain to be developed.

If your street light is out please call 402-444-5160 the street light at the entrance has been called in and it is said to take 4 weeks for it to be fixed.  Entrance lights have now been fixed and are lighted.

If anyone needs site boundaries and easement rights location contact Lamp Rynearson 402-496-2498, 14710 West Dodge, Suite 100, OMAHA,NE 68154- SID pays for this service.

Pot Holes at entrance will be fixed by SID following the sand being brushed off and collected also by SID and holes will be fixed cement on cement.

We are expecting to receive a report on delinquencies of HOA Fees from are Business Manager.

We will meet again first Wednesday in May at 3:00 pm at home of Fred Gottschalk.

Frederi c A. Gottschalk, President