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Oct 13, 2016 | Board Meeting Minutes

Hello everyone,

Fred Gottschalk wanted you all to know that he is in communication with both the developer and the SID regarding the construction traffic.
Please see the correspondence between Fred and the developer below…
From Fred:
“Trucks, especially cement using residential streets instead of entrance and exit from Kansas are leaving significant mud and are ultimately affecting home values in our HOA.  My solution is to have a construction entrance and exit on Kansas, not on Laurel because that affects 157 Avenue, Hartman Avenue and the entrance and exit. One home for sale at corner of 157 Ave and Hartman may see a decline in value as mud is in the two streets around it – have received complaints from Residents. I would like to discuss this today!”
Fred Gottschalk, President, Copper Ridge HOA
The reply from the developer:
“Fred, I will address that to the cement company. I called and then sent an email to the man in charge with pics. Trust me I know what I am doing. But also this is a construction site. There will be some issues. I am prepared to work on them. I want to keep all the residents as friends. But I do need to get this project going. Them driving on any other street than Kansas was wrong and stupid and I addressed it. Sorry!!! I am trying to make this work for all of us.”
David Self