Annual Resident Meeting Minutes 2018

Dec 5, 2018 | Board Meeting Minutes

Copper Ridge HOA
2018 Annual HOA Meeting at Saddlebrook School
November 13, 2018 at 6:30pm

Meeting called to order by President Fred Gottschalk with Quorum of Homeowners

Introduction of Board Members
Approval of 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes unanimously
Election of Board Members: Fred Gottschalk and Ed Ganey elected 3-year term November 2018-November 2021
Current Members and Terms:
Jeanne Brown – 2016 to 2019
Tony Caruso – 2017 to 2020
Jerry Roslawski – 2017 to 2020

Financial Report submitted by Treasurer Tony Caruso approved unanimously

Report by Ed Ganey on Copper Ridge Condominium Construction. Information provided by David Self, Contractor.
4 Buildings complete on upper lot by 2020
Each building with 15 units – 6 upper, 5 middle, 4 lower
Square footage and price range 900-1320 sq ft, $165-$240
6 upper units have detached garages, remaining 15 have direct entry to condos.
All garages are heated
Current Building sales – 1 each upper, middle, lower and 1 pending

Block Captain report by Jerry Roslawski
Mission is to improve communication to board with information or concerns from residents on their block
Listed are Block Captains:
Jesse Circle – Doug Lauver, Jerry Roslawski
Himbaugh Circle – Paul Gagliardi
Hartman Avenue – Jeanne Brown, Terry Kocsis
157th Street – Vince Lenz, Chuck Thury, BJ Vlcek
157th Avenue – Mike Engler
158th Street – Steve Hoff, Greg/Shelley Coulter
159th Street – Shelley O’Keefe
159th Circle – Cindy Schmad

Welcome Committee report by Fred Gottschalk
Amy Worth Chairman with 8 current committee members
Welcome Basket and CR information given to each new resident

New Business/Discussions:
Board made a motion to increase Homeowner’s dues by $5 to $115 per month starting January 2019. Goal is to keep budget reserves at 60% of yearly expenses for unforeseen events or expenditures. Approved by Residents vote.

2018 additional Christmas lighting to entrance. Approved by homeowners. Additional homeowners volunteered to select fixturing, led by Jeanne Brown. Costs of fixtures, storage and installation to be reported upon installation. Pictures to be taken and posted on website.
Question to research if a light could be added to entrance on 156th Street.

Respectfully submitted,
Copper Ridge HOA Board